A lightweight and flexible sidekick for your brain

Context is a new kind of thinking tool. A dedicated space to work on all your thinky stuff. Come up with plans, manage tasks, organize your thoughts, and figure things out all in one place.

Figure out your plan for the day

It's time we had a tool for all our thinky work

We're professional thinkers - we solve problems, we figure things out, we bring things into existence. Thinking is at the core of everything we do.

But our thinky stuff is scattered all over the place. Insights from meetings, plans for what to do next, tasks to keep track of, ideas to work through. We have these scrawled on pieces of paper, lost in folders somewhere, dumped in various notes apps, or we’re holding it all in our head.

Why? Because we don't have a dedicated place to do our thinky work. A woodworker has a workshop, a mechanic has a garage, but we've got scraps.

We built Context to be this dedicated space. It's a place to organize what we're working on. A tool to capture and work through our ideas and thoughts. A workspace light enough, and versatile enough, for all our thinky work.

A different kind of notes

Context is a different kind of notes app. Note apps tend to become dumping grounds. Junk drawers of disparate thoughts and ideas. At best, they’re places to capture something, and hope you’ll remember to search for it later. They are not a place to go to figure something out, to work through something, or to organize your work.

Context is a thinking tool, not a dumping ground. It can sustain a system for getting ideas down, working through them, and keeping them organized (so you don’t lose your freaking mind).

Notes with meaning and structure

Context is a simple, single, bulleted list. It’s easy to get going, and effortless to outline and organize ideas and thoughts. But the magic of Context comes from combining this simple format with the ability to assign meaning to each bullet. Designate one as an idea, another as a concern, another as a page or folder. This way you can quickly build out a simple system to work in, create a clear, meaningful structure and give your notes… context!

Lightweight and simple, so you can do what you do

Context is a lightweight thinking tool. Simple, bulleted, low stress, informal notes. Our thinking is fast and fluid, and our thinking tools need to keep up. So no complex integrations here, no data-driven documents. We're talking simple, like non-brand-specific-interlocking-toy-bricks simple. There's a basic philosophy to grasp, and a handful of shortcuts if that floats your boat, then you're off.

Create the structure your brain wants

Context is flexible and unopinionated. Sounds cool right? That means you can organize your thinky stuff however makes sense right now. It can be as light or as structured as you need, and painless to change.

Maybe you just want to carve out a little section to manage the things you need to do today. Or you want to build out a little plan inside a task. Or perhaps you want to organize a big project with meeting notes, research and plans? In Context, you just turn bullets into whatever you need them to be, and lump and slice till your brain goes “ooo, nice.”

One place for your thinky work

Context is an always-open place to work. One place for tasks, meeting notes, brain storms. It removes the decision about where to get started or where to work on something. You can just get going. It’s not for creating documents. You won’t maintain code here, or build that powerpoint. But the hard work of figuring it all out, the reason you get paid the big bucks, Context is for all of that.

Figuring things out is hard

Context is a tool for doing hard kinds of work. It’s work we’re already good at and care about doing well. Our goal in Context is to make it a bit easier to do this work, and help us do this work well. We want to help thinky people do dope things.


Trevor & Rob

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